Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Today, the security guards unanimously ratified a contract with AlliedBarton!!!

The main points are:
  • Three step grievance procedure: 1) Account Manager, 2) District or Area Manager, 3) Director of Human Resources - with time limits for response
  • Unsettled grievance can be taken to arbitrator (neutral judge)
  • 4 hours minimum pay if called in to work; 4 hours minimum pay if shift or detail cancelled without notice
  • Fair distribution of overtime and extra hours
  • Schedule cannot be cut as a form of discipline
  • Carryover for vacation up to a maximum of 20 days - or cash out
  • 3 out of 12 sick days can be used as personal days with no less than 48 hours notice except in emergencies
  • 2 days paid funeral leave for death in immediate family
  • Uniform deposit of $200 required; company will cover cost of uniforms that must be dry cleaned
  • Company paid $10,000 life insurance policy
  • Pay for time in mandatory training classes
  • Company to make reasonable provisions for safety and health of officers
  • Lay off by seniority
  • Job opening posted, current employees get preference by seniority and qualifications. You can find out why you did not get the job.
  • 20 elected union stewards to help enforce the contract; right to have steward with you in meeting that could lead to discipline

Employees shall be placed in classifications and compensated in accordance with said classifications upon achieving the criteria of the various classifications set forth below:

Security Officer I: Classification upon new hire
Security Officer II: Classification upon successful completion of AlliedBarton MSO 1,2,3
Security Officer III: Classification upon successful completion of AlliedBarton MSO 1,2,3,4
Security Officer IV: Classification upon successful completion of AlliedBarton MSO 1,2,3,4,5
Lead Officer: MSO Level 5 and placement in said classification by the Employer

MSO Certification requires established length of service criteria as follows:
MSO 3 - 6 months
MSO 4 - 12 months
MSO 5 - 18 months (3 of 4 officers at Harvard have been here more than 18 months)

The wages officers were scheduled to receive:
Now: $12.68
7/1/07: $12.87
7/1/08: $13.13
7/1/09: $13.40