Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 8 Rally: Boston City Councilman Chuck Turner Turned Away at Mass. Hall

At today's regular 1 PM rally we went out, yelled, sang songs, and marched around Mass Hall.

Then everyone - by my (amateur) count at least a hundred people - lined up and went to the door of Mass Hall, one by one, to try to get an audience with President Bok. The police turned everyone away, one by one.

Bringing up the rear of that line was the honorable Chuck Turner, a Boston city councillor from Roxbury. He tried to hand-deliver a letter to Bok signed by eight members of the Boston City Council, but the police turned him away, too. In fact, they didn't even let him leave the letter.

I used to think they only let people in suits get into Mass Hall. Then I figured that since I own a suit, they must only let important people in suits get into Mass Hall. Now that Chuck Turner, an important person in a suit bearing a letter signed by seven other important people, has also been turned away, I have no idea who gets in anymore, since Derek Bok doesn't seem to be showing up to work either.

Anyway, RecKlez, the Harvard Klezmer Band, is playing outside the Science Center (or possibly under my window in Thayer?) right now, and I'm going to go out and hear them - drop by if you're reading RIGHT NOW.

Also, today is Union Solidarity Day, so come back out to the yard at 3:30 - double the fun!