Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Statement from Javier

Javier Castro, the Harvard student who was hospitalized late Monday night for dangerously low sodium levels after going five days without eating in protest of the low wages and working conditions of Harvard security guards, issued the following statement after deciding to end his fast Wednesday afternoon on the advice of physicians:
Dear friends,

After meeting with the other hunger strikers and security guards, they have told me that our struggle has received substantial attention. People are recognizing that the Harvard administration has not cooperated with us; they have not upheld the principles of truth which they claim to value. Given my medical condition, the recent victories that we have managed to achieve, and the broad support that we have been able to mobilize, I have decided to end my fast.

Still, the struggle continues. We, the coalition of workers and students, will not stop until security guards at Harvard earn a living wage and the Harvard administration acknowledges its responsibility to ensure that its workers are treated with dignity. The other fasters feel the hunger strike has been effective and they will continue to fast until they sense this issue can transition to the next phase. The struggle continues and the actions will escalate.

In solidarity,