Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Security officers gain support as hunger strike grows

Generally, we expect a group of people on a hunger strike to shrink as time goes on, with people having to drop out for health or personal reasons. One striker has had to stop due to a medical emergency.

HOWEVER, the SLAM hunger strike in support of security has actually GAINED TWO STRIKERS since it began on May 3.

One, Harvard undergraduate Claire Provost, made the following statement:

"My name is Claire. I stopped eating Saturday night. This [May 8] is Day 3 of my hunger strike. I have been involved in the Stand for Security campaign since September. I was sick last week and couldn't join the strike until the weekend. I am striking for the security officers I know, but also for the security officers I don't know. I am striking for the children of the officers I've met, for their families I've heard of, and for the friends and family members I do not know. I will not eat, until we all eat."

The other additional striker, Fabian Martinez of New Jersey, is not a Harvard affiliate, but recognizes the importance of the cause. Fabian began his strike on May 5 and is entering his 4th day of hunger today, May 8.

In short, we have 10 student strikers who have been striking for 6 days, 1 student for three days, and 1 unaffiliated for four - making 11 Harvard student strikers and 12 HUNGER STRIKERS IN TOTAL.