Wednesday, May 9, 2007

MAY 9: Parents of Hunger Strikers Fast in Solidarity

Today many of our parents are participating in a one-day solidarity fast. Here is a statement from my parents, Ruth and Daniel Provost, who live in Sudbury Ontario:

"Today, May 9, My husband Daniel and myself will be fasting in support of the students who are on a hunger strike at Harvard. Our daughter Jennifer (Claire) Provost is one of the 11 students participating in this strike, and she has brought to our attention the situation of security guard wages at Harvard. As Jenn's parents we stand in solidarity with the security officers who are also parents and have to struggle to provide for their children. We fast today in support of the students and the workers and hope that the situation will be quickly resolved.

Sincerely, Ruth Provost"

This is not the type of thing my parents normally do, and I am really proud of them, and all of our friends and family members that are coming out and showing their support for the campaign.